Q: Event Medicine? Why not just call an ambulance when someone gets hurt?
A: Event medicine is a specialized form of emergency medicine. We work where you play. Many EMS agencies don't standby while your event happens. Performed by EMTs, we provide RAPID RESPONSE to illness and injuries that occur during events. Without having proper medical care at the scene of your event, unnecessary delays can occur due to location and terrain.

Q: We have first aid people. Why use an event medical company such as First On Scene?
A: We have people specially trained for events. We understand the needs of competitors, and we carry specialized equipment not found in the typical first aid kit, such as spinal immobilization, wound care products, rehydration supplies, and more. We can get racers off courses quickly and to definitive care quickly. Many times, we can get racers back into the race.

Q: Why haven't I heard more about Event Medicine?
A: Although event medicine has been around for sometime, it has been individuals working very part-time in the past who have done this, or organizations have contracted with much more expensive EMS providers. First On Scene is one of a few companies to specialize in this form of emergency medical care, and to do it for a reasonable cost to you.

Q: How can I contact First On Scene EMS for my event?
A: That's easy! Simply call (916)224-1475, email us at, or fill out the Request Services form to the left. We will help you with your medical needs.
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