Event Standby Basic Life Support (BLS) Services

Does your event need a single site medical station? Or do you need multiple personnel stationed in multiple locations? First On Scene EMS specializes in providing BLS services customized to YOUR needs. We can provide a minimum of 2 EMTs at your event, up to as many as you require. We have the experience to understand and anticipate issues that occur at events. Our staff are attentive at events, constantly observing conditions, participants, staff, and other attendees. We can anticipate when people are beginning to have problems, and assist them as needed to enable them to have an enjoyable experience at your event. And, we document all patient contacts, and can provide this information to you as needed.

If this is your first event, let us help you to design medical aid for your event! We have helped many event organizers to determine their needs. And we understand the regulations of many locations, as well as insurance requirements for many events. We can provide certifications of all of our personnel as needed by local, county, and state government.

Unlike many single BLS providers and volunteers, we provide our own uniformed staff, and equipment, including tents, tables, chairs, medical and trauma bags, and oxygen. We can provide multiple vehicle types, including off-road and 4WD capability. We also have bicycle EMTs available for extra mobility at events. We work in all weather situations as well!

We provide our own VHF and UHF radios, and we always work with the communications system you may have.

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